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Chính phủ Đức chính thức công nhận The Documentation Foundation và LibreOffice.
Giờ đây, LibreOffice được bảo vệ bằng luật pháp ở Đức cũng như các
nước khác như Anh, Pháp.

Xem: https://joinup.ec.europa.eu/news/berlins-recognition-document-foundation-boost-libreoffice

The recognition by the state of Berlin of The Document Foundation will
be a boost to the use by public administrations of LibreOffice, a free
and open source suite of office productivity tools, expects Florian
Effenberger, chairman of the new foundation.

The Document Foundation was approved by the state of Berlin on 17
February. It was registered in Berlin by the community involved with
LibreOffice, previously organised as OpenOffice.org. The world-wide
group considered starting the foundation in either England, France or
Germany. The latter country's laws provide the best long-term
protection of the foundation's objectives, explains Effenberger. "The
law protects is so well, that the foundation cannot, for example, drop
its primary focus, free office software, or decide to make it a
for-profit organisation."

In Germany, creating a foundation involves a legal check by a state
administration, and the LibreOffice community sought advise in three
of the countries' sixteen states; Bavaria, Hesse and Berlin. The first
two had concerns with recognising a foundation with the unusual
requirements for a membership element: new members need to have
contributed to the development of LibreOffice for at least three
months, and commit to continue supporting it for at least six more
months. "We also started out with more than 140 members from all over
the world, and all three states thought that was unusual too."

After explaining the foundations' aims and rules to all three states,
the group settled in Berlin. "It was the most open to our approach."

Effenberger expects that over time, the presence of the foundation in
Berlin will make a difference for this state's use of this type of
software. "It will make more public administrators aware that they can
foster open standards and free and open source."

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