LibreOffice 3.4 Beta 2 available

Dear Community,

The Document Foundation is happy to announce the second beta release
of LibreOffice 3.4. The upcoming 3.4 will be the second major release
of the LibreOffice project, and comes with many exciting new
features. Please be aware that LibreOffice 3.4 Beta2 is not yet ready
for production use, you should continue to use LibreOffice 3.3.2 for

The beta release is available for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X from our
QA builds download page at


Should you find bugs, please report them to the FreeDesktop Bugzilla:


For other ways to get involved with this exciting project - you can
e.g. contribute code:


translate LibreOffice to your language:


or help with funding our foundation:


A list of known issues with 3.4 Beta2 is available from our wiki:


Please find the list of changes against LibreOffice 3.4 Beta1 here:


Let us close again with a BIG Thank You! to all of you having
contributed to the LibreOffice project - this release would not have
been possible without your help.


The Steering Committee of The Document Foundation


The Document Foundation is open for members

Dear contributors,

within the last months the community around LibreOffice and The Document
Foundation worked hard to establish policies, processes, infrastructure
and all the things you need to deliver a high quality software. One of
our basic principles is that we will acknowledge this merit and allow
all the contributors to become official members of our community [2]. All
members will have the right to run for a seat in the Foundation's board
of directors, elect the board and drive the future of our projects.

From now on all of you can apply for membership via our webform [1] .
The membership committee [3] is eager to receive your applications.

Please help us to process your request quickly. Read and follow the
form's introduction carefully, provide a good description of your
contributions and list at least two contacts who can confirm your

The TDF Membership Committee,
Sophie Gautier,
Fridrich Strba,
André Schnabel,
Cor Nouws


[1] application form:

[2] community bylaws:

[3] more about the Membership Committee:


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