FOSSASIA 2011 @ Saigon

Well, I had to deal with two events - FOSSASIA 20100 in Saigon and
AsiaCamp 2011 in Kuala Lumpur - in a row so it was quite busy.
Here is a short report for what I did present in FOSSASIA. My
appoligies for the delay.
Arky, who has been helping our open source comminities, especially in
building Mozilla community in Vietnam was the best person to give a
talk on that, but he was busy with an event in Eupore, so there I go
The theme of the event is "mobile".
I had 2 talks and a workshop in this event.
1. Mozilla:
An introduction to Vietnamese translation for Mozilla products.
Narror is the tool the translation, and not like for translating
.po file, Mozilla has a special format for language files
so Mozilla team (Arky is one of them) had developed Narror to help
Mozilla mobile technologies.
The title of the present was made by Ms. Phuc but the content of
the talk focuses on the technologies that Mozilla is using,
this will help audiences (mostly students) have a basic knowledge
on what is used and cooked in Mozilla.
I also pointed out that Mobile/Smartphone, cloud computing and
open web are the trends that Mozilla is working on.
2. LibreOffice
I introduced two projects that LibreOffice is working on at very
begining stage:
LibreOffice on smartphone (Android) and LibreOffice on the cloud.
Imagine that the share of PCs is decreasing, while the number of
(smart)phones and tablets are increasing.

3. Workshop:
No slide.
My talk is based on the talk I have presented at Thai Nguyen university.
The goal of the workshop is to show how to manage IT projects in an
agile way.
I have covered a lot of facets in software and non-software project
100+ audiences have attended the workshop: Thank you for joining the
workshop :)


Re: LibO 3.4.4 is out and on virror



2011/11/17 Jean Christophe André <jean-christophe.andre@auf.org>:
> Le 2011-11-16 11:10 +0700, Nguyễn Vũ Hưng a écrit :
>> 2011/11/16 Jean Christophe André <jean-christophe.andre@auf.org>:
>> > Le 16 nov. 2011 à 10:58, Nguyễn Vũ Hưng a écrit :
>> >> LibO 3.4.4 is out: Please update virror
>> >> http://www.libreoffice.org/
>> > Download started. JC
>> Thanks
> Download finished. Front page updated as so. J.C.

Updated schedule for LibreOffice 3.4.5 and 3.5.0 release

Từ tháng 12/2011, Libre Office sẽ thêm một nhánh 3.5

3.5 sẽ là nhánh chính, chức năng mới sẽ được thêm vào 3.5

3.4.x sẽ chỉ được cập nhật các bản vá lỗi quan trọng.

Với người dùng, nên chọn
3.4: Nếu muốn sự ổn định
3.5: Nếu muốn dùng nhiều chức năng mới

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Petr Mladek <pmladek@suse.cz>
Date: Thu, Nov 17, 2011 at 02:09
Subject: [libreoffice-l10n] ANNOUNCE: Updated schedule for LibreOffice
3.4.5 and 3.5.0 release

there was too big delay before 3.4.5 bugfix release. We decided the
following changes on the last steering call[1]:

       + create 3.4.5-rc1 instead of 3.5.0-beta2
       + create 3.4.5-rc2 instead of 3.5.0-beta4
       + add 3.5.0-beta0 one week before the feature freeze

By other words:

       + 3.4.5 will be released two months after 3.4.4
       + 3.5.0 will get first beta one week earlier; it will help to
         make good beta1
       + only one 3.5.0 beta is removed
       + there are two weeks between 3.5.0 betas (some QA
         people actually wanted this)

See the updated schedule at




The Document Foundation announces LibreOffice 3.4.4

LibreOffice on stage at the Libre Software World Conference in Zaragoza

The Internet, November 9, 2011 - The Document Foundation (TDF) announces
LibreOffice 3.4.4, an improved version of the award-winning free office
suite for Windows, Mac and Linux. LibreOffice has recently won
InfoWorld's BOSSIE Award 2011 as Best of Open Source Software, and the
Open World Forum Experiment Award of Most-Popular Software.

SUSE's Andras Timar, who manages the LibreOffice localization effort,
says,  "Thanks to the contribution of Michael Bauer, a volunteer who
took the long-time-abandoned Scottish Gaelic translation and produced a
complete UI localization in just a few months, LibreOffice 3.4.4 adds
yet another native-language version, bringing the total to 105. This
shows the unparalleled value of copyleft licenses for end user software,
as LibreOffice is now the most-important office suite when it comes to
protecting cultural heritage worldwide, especially when the number of
native speakers is not sufficiently attractive for large corporations to
devote localization resources to."

Today, TDF and LibreOffice will also be on stage at the Libre Software
World Conference (LSWC) in Zaragoza, where Jesus Corrius - a deputy
member of the TDF Board of Directors - will keynote about "TDF: the home
of LibreOffice". LSWC is the most-prominent free software event in
Spain, and the presence of a member of the TDF Board of Directors is a
testimonial of the efforts that the project is devoting to developing a
large and diverse Spanish-speaking community, in which each local
community in Europe and the Americas can grow and thrive within a single
global project.

LibreOffice 3.4.4 is available for immediate download from the following
link: http://www.libreoffice.org/download/. Extensions for LibreOffice
are available from the following link:

Change logs are available at
(fixed in and
(fixed in

Short link to The Document Foundation blog: http://wp.me/p1byPE-cj.

Italo Vignoli - The Document Foundation
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Dùng Translation Memory để dịch với Pootle và Virtaal

Pootle: Công cụ dịch online
Virtaal: Công cụ dịch offline

Cả hai đều cùng tác giả/dự án và đều hỗ trợ Translation Memory

# Tất nhiên hỗ trợ tiếng Việt :)

Về các TM tiếng Việt "to" nhất
- Gnome
- Debian
- Ubuntu
- Mozilla
- OpenOffice/LibreOffice

Có thể import vào để dùng

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: F Wolff <friedel@translate.org.za>

> Not really; Pootle can create a terminology file which you
> can then edit. Terminology is mostly a word-by-word aide to
> have consistent terms in your texts and can be used in
> Pootle itself (as well as in many offline editors).

For reference, here is the information about this functionality in

Similar terminology matching is available in Virtaal.

> Translation Memory Database (TM) works with one or many
> words (segments) so that one can have suggestions on longer
> text strings - some translation software lets you decide how
> close matches you want as suggestions, and to construct
> rules about word order and such.

For the upcoming version of Pootle we have support for translation
memory during translation. The new version isn't quite ready for release
yet, but we have already used it successfully at some localisation
events and it looks very promising. It uses an online Translation Memory
service that we can keep up to date with the latest translations of
things like LibreOffice.

This service is already available with Virtaal 0.7. I don't think the
current TM database has the very latest LibreOffice translations, but we
can hopefully do a refresh of the data quite soon.

If people are able to help in testing or giving the last bit of
refinement for the upcoming Pootle release, that would be great to speed
up the process. A testing server for the upcoming release is available


It is loaded with some old copy of the database of our main Pootle
server. All data entered there will be lost at some stage, but feel free
to play around. You can see a translation memory result here, for


Keep well

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