Fwd: Update: Default search change from Yandex to Google in Russia

Mozilla chuyển search engine mặc định ở Nga thành Google.com từ Yandex.

Ở đây:
1. "ở Nga" được hiểu là những request/IP đến từ Nga
2. Bản Firefox tiếng Nga vẫn có search engine mặc định là  Yandex

Lý do chuyển, theo Mozilla là "Google là một đối tác tốt hơn" và Mozilla cũng không phủ nhận rằng doanh thu khi chuyển sang Google tốt hơn Yandex.

-------- Thư Gốc --------

Dear Mozillians:

As you may have heard, we've recently shifted our default search from Yandex to Google in Russia. This will go into effect with Firefox 14 in mid-July.  There have been a few questions on the governance list, as well the bug filed for the switch, that I wanted to address widely.

Let's start with the background and rationale:  we carefully evaluated a number of partners and determined that Google provided the best experience for the most number of people globally. These arrangements are often global in nature; consequently, we were not able to keep Yandex as the default search provider in the Firefox Russian builds.

This was a difficult decision and it was not done lightly. Yandex has been a great partner, making positive contributions to Firefox through its promotion and marketing.  They provide innovative search solutions and create diversity in the market where users benefit from the choice and competition they offer.  At the same time, Google has a great global search product that serves the needs of most users well.  

There's no denying that the revenues derived from integrated search and commerce services are important. They provide the means to support the global project we have today including the broad range of communities and efforts around the world. Although sustainability is a critical factor, it is however not the only factor. Google is the leading search provider worldwide. It provides a competitive offering in Russia and in almost every other region worldwide. Thus, on balance selecting Google as the default made the most sense for the most users in a way that allows the project to increase its investment in the mission through projects like the B2G mobile OS, Firefox on Android, Persona, and the web apps marketplace that aim to foster a viable, robust competitive web platform.

We would have liked to share these changes earlier, but both Yandex and Google are public companies and it is not always possible to share in detail the arrangements and discussions between the parties. We have no interest in violating those confidences or sharing information that could adversely impact or advantage any one party so we were unable to collaborate with our community as transparently as possible.  

Going forward, in Firefox Russian builds users will continue to have the option to select Yandex from the pre-installed search list. Yandex also continues to distribute a Yandex flavored version of Firefox with Yandex set as the default search. In the future we'll continue to collaborate with Yandex on new initiatives including new geos, mobile efforts, and maybe even a B2G project in the future.

Please do feel free to share any questions on the governance thread.  Also, as a reminder please refrain from speculating on the details of our Google deal publicly.  



Harvey Anderson

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