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Em nhận được email này của một người bỏ OpenOffice.
Và họ trình bày lý do, rất thật, có tính đóng góp.

- OOO quá già cỗi, chỉ đi lo copy MSO, không thay đổi nhiều.
- Không tích hợp với các app khác nhau Firefox hay Thunderbird.

-> có lẽ họ cần một office suite giống y những gì mà MSO đã/đang/sẽ làm.

LibO đang chuẩn bị, nhưng chưa làm được gì nhiều ngoài việc
sửa lỗi (hầu như chưa thêm chức năng)

Các bác tham khảo.
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---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Laure Bourguignon
Date: 2011/3/10
Subject: [marketing-dev] de-installation

Dear OpenOffice Crew,

In fact i am/was a very satisfied OpenOffice customer. Ive been using it for 4 years now and i never had a problem. But for the last time (let's say for about a year) OpenOffice is getting worse instead of improving. Its getting more and more likely to its greatest concurrent - Microsoft's Word - with all the good, but moreover the negative aspects :
-whenever you work with more than 3 OpenOffice documents at a time, the program gets very slow, the spell-checker stops to work, copy-pasting gets impossible (yes : impossible : you can copy but you cannot paste anymore)
-if you try to copy a text/image from an internet browser (it doesnt matter if mozilla or microsoft, i tried them all) OpenOffice just "hangs" itself up and you have to restart it.
-ive had the version 3.2 of OpenOffice, which already had all the problems listed above. But just now i downloaded the 3.3 version : what a mess! i just wanted to print a text, but when the "print" box opend, i was shocked : there was a completely different menu ! what happened to the old one? it is as if OpenOffice would not recognize my HP printer anymore ! i was always used to choose the "quick/economical printing" menu, but it was gone ! i cannot change any printing modalities anymore !!! what should i do? de-install and re-install my printer? sorry guys/gals but i prefer to kick Open Office from my computer !

To resume, OpenOffice has 2 huge problems at the moment :
1) it degraded itself to a simple copy-cat of Microsoft and lost all aspects of individuality and innovation. where are the new ideas? stop just copying world'st most popular text-program in the hope of getting a piece of the cake. You'll just loose your "good old" clients
2) another major problem is the compatibility with other programs. Whenever something else than OpenOffice is in the game (Microsoft, HP, Mozilla) you'll be sure you'll get some problems

By the way let me say that I am not a big fan of pointless criticising, i just want to give you some points you hopefully will reflect on.

Dear regards

Bourguignon Laura

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