LibreOffice and (La)Tex


I want to suggest to add in LO support LaTeX as formulas generator.
Instead or jointly of Math.

Currently, LO inherited old non-wide used StarOffice syntax for formulas.

It creates inconveniences:

* For LaTex users. They have got used its syntax and power.
* For M$O users. They have got used GUI for type formulas.

(La)Tex make especially for scientific typography and free !

Pluses of this:

* Power, extensible possibilities for formulas for different spheres of a sciences and technics.
* LaTeX can make vector (for good quality printing and scale) and raster output
for WEB (in "alt" property of "img" tag can put LaTeX source as in Wikipedia).
* Many users in scientific world get accustomed to its syntax.
* Many users in Wikipedia (and other WiKi) get accustomed to its syntax.
* Exists few GUI editors who can give LaTex output. KFormula (as minimum declared) and it can do LyX (but it self-sufficing editor). My be and others.
* Inkscape can insert LaTeX formulas in drawings.
* LaTeX can get formulas LaTeX. :) Simplification at import/export.

When user insert formula, LO can be use LaTeX and make vector graphics (SVG ? Or may be EPS),
keep LaTeX source, put vector graphics in ODx and display it. This does system-independent.

In ODx can keep preamble and user can edit it.
And may be add possibility separate preamble and for each formula.

Troubles with formulas (first trouble: MathType formulas what displayed and printing as
very dirty OLE and non-edited) in OO -> LO make hard trouble for change
LO instead M$O in areas where formulas needed.

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